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Background: Exact quantification of research conducted by dietitians and tracking the effectiveness of interventions or training programs to increase either evidence-based practice (EBP) or research behaviours have been hampered by the variety of tools used to measure these constructs. Methods: In this narrative review, we identified and classified the various tools previously used to measure constructs related to research and/or EBP in the dietetics profession, and to summarise estimates of the constructs measured. Results: We identified and classified 15 scored tools that had been used at least once in the dietetics profession and extracted tool parameter estimates from 22 resulting papers. We also identified six unscored tools and three qualitative studies. The most frequent constructs measured were attitudes and behaviours. Very few tools measured objective knowledge (skills). No objective measures of research outputs were identified. Several tools were closely related to one another. Conclusions: Even when tools were used across multiple papers, reporting method varied making comparisons difficult. This review should encourage future researchers to utilise existing tools when possible, and encourage the development or adaptation and testing of tools that fill identified gaps. The constructs measured by the tools identified may also provide a starting point for the development of educational interventions aiming to increase research or EBP skills among dietitians. Only by using consistent tools will the dietetics profession be able to track the progress in increasing research conduct and EBP implementation over time.


dietetics, evidence-based practice, narrative review, research conduct

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Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics



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