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Clifford V. Harding

Robert W. Maitta

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α-Synuclein plays a crucial role in Parkinson's disease and dementias defined as synucleinopathies. α-Synuclein is expressed in hematopoietic and immune cells, but its functions in hematopoiesis and immune responses are unknown. We utilized α-synuclein(-/-) (KO) mice to investigate its role in hematopoiesis and B cell lymphopoiesis. We demonstrated hematologic abnormalities including mild anemia, smaller platelets, lymphopenia but relatively normal early hematopoiesis in KO mice compared to wild-type (WT) as measured in hematopoietic stem cells and progenitors of the different cell lineages. However, the absolute number of B220(+)IgM(+) B cells in bone marrow was reduced by 4-fold in KO mice (WT: 104±23×10(5) vs. KO: 27±5×10(5)). B cells were also reduced in KO spleens associated with effacement of splenic and lymph node architecture. KO mice showed reduced total serum IgG but no abnormality in serum IgM was noted. When KO mice were challenged with a T cell-dependent antigen, production of antigen specific IgG1 and IgG2b was abolished, but antigen specific IgM was not different from WT mice. Our study shows hematologic abnormalities including anemia and smaller platelets, reduced B cell lymphopoiesis and defects in IgG production in the absence of α-synuclein. This is the first report to show an important role of α-synuclein late in hematopoiesis, B cell lymphopoiesis and adaptive immune response.


anemia, B cells, hematopoiesis, lymphopoiesis, α-synuclein

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Office of Diversity and Inclusion, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center; Dr. Harry Taylor Scholar Award, University Hospitals Case Medical Center

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