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Dexter R. Voisin

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Sexual sensation seeking has been correlated with drug use and risky sex in a number of populations. However, these relationships have had limited examination among adolescents, and to date, have not been explored among detained youth, a group with some of the highest rates of illicit drug use and STIs. To better understand these relationships we utilized A-CASI to collect data on sociodemographics, sexual sensation seeking, drug use and risky sexual behaviors among a sample of 550 detained youth. A series of multivariable regression models controlling for age, gender, race/ethnicity, socioeconomic status and risky peer networks indicated that sexual sensation seeking was associated with alcohol and ecstasy use; having sex while high on drugs; having sex with a partner who was high on drugs; having more sexual partners; having engaged in unprotected vaginal sex; and less condom use during oral sex, all in the 2 months prior to being detained. In addition, sexual sensation seeking was also associated with ever having exchanged sex for drugs or money. These data have important implications for STI/drug use prevention interventions among detained adolescents.


detained youth, drug use, sexual sensation seeking, STI risk

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Journal of AIDS & Clinical Research






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