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Fei Wang

Elliane Irani

Stephanie Griggs

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The purpose of this study was to examine if resilience moderates the association between role overload and sleep disturbance among caregivers of persons with dementia. This was a secondary analysis of data on 437 informal caregivers (mean age=61.77 years, SD=13.69) of persons with dementia in the United States. Data from the 2017 wave of the National Study of Caregiving were analyzed using multiple regression with interaction terms to evaluate the moderation effect of resilience, while controlling for caregivers’ age, race, gender, education, self-rated health, caregiving hours, and primary caregiving status. Higher role overload was associated with greater sleep disturbance and this association was attenuated among caregivers with higher levels of resilience. Our findings highlight the stress-buffering effects of resilience in the context of sleep disturbance in dementia caregivers. Interventions to improve caregivers’ ability to recover, resist, and rebound during challenging situations may mitigate role overload and optimize sleep health.


caregiver burden, caregivers, dementia, resilience, sleep disturbance

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Geriatric Nursing



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