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Elias Ali

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The objective of this paper is to computationally explore the structural stability and strength of gypsum-protected CFS (cold-formed steel) beam channel sections under non-uniform elevated temperatures when exposed to standard fire on one side of the panel and subjected to pure bending. When a CFS member is subjected to fire (or thermal gradients) its material properties change—but this change happens around the cross-section and along the length creating a member which is potentially non-uniform and unsymmetrical in its response even if the apparent geometry is uniform and symmetric.Computational finite element models were analyzed in ABAQUS to establish steady-state thermal gradients of interest. Existing test data were utilized to develop the temperature dependence of the stress-strain response. The time-dependent temperature distribution on the cross-sections obtained from heat transfer analysis was later used in the stability and collapse analyses. The stability of the models was explored to characterize how local, distortional, and global buckling of the member evolves under both uniform and non-uniform temperature distributions. Finally, collapse simulations were performed to characterize the strength under pure bending and explore directly the evolution of strength under the influence of non-uniform temperature.


CFS, non-uniform temperature distribution, stability, collapse moment

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Journal of Civil Engineering and Architecture





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