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Siddharth Rajupet

Christopher L. Wirth

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A colloidal particle is often termed “Janus” when some portion of its surface is coated by a second material which has distinct properties from the native particle. The anisotropy of Janus particles enables unique behavior at interfaces. However, rigorous methodologies to predict Janus particle dynamics at interfaces are required to implement these particles in complex fluid applications. Previous work studying Janus particle dynamics does not consider van der Waals interactions and realistic, nonuniform coating morphology. Here we develop semianalytic equations to accurately calculate the potential landscape, including van der Waals interactions, of a Janus particle with nonuniform coating thickness above a solid boundary. The effects of both nonuniform coating thickness and van der Waals interactions significantly influence the potential landscape of the particle, particularly in high ionic strength solutions, where the particle samples positions very close to the solid boundary. The equations developed herein facilitate more simple, accurate, and less computationally expensive characterization of conservative interactions experienced by a confined Janus particle than previous methods.

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Physical Review E





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CAREER Award, NSF No. 2023525


National Science Foundation (NSF)


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