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The process of dating has changed significantly in the past three decades. This has left people, especially young adults, confused, and unsure of what has changed or how to act. This literature review aims to explain the factors that have caused the "dating game" to change in regards to perceptions of sexual attraction, mainly the shift of personality preferences away from evolutionary characteristics, the decrease in conformity in today's society, and the recent rise of online dating. A brief overview of the timeless evolutionary factors, which have affected attraction for centuries, will set the stage for how these factors are no longer as essential towards sexual attraction in the current time. A thorough comparison of attractive personality preferences from before 1990 and after 1990 will highlight the change that has occurred. Using the same before and after method, a decrease in conformity in today's society will also be demonstrated regarding preferred personality preferences. Furthermore, the effect of online dating becoming more popular will be explained in its relevance to the change in perceptions of sexual attraction. Finally, the significance of these findings will be analyzed, and advice will be offered to the current generation concerning how to proceed in these perilous times.

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Fall 12-1-2012


sexual attraction, social representations, online dating



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The Effects of Personality, Conformity, and Online Dating Platforms on the Perceptions of Sexual Attraction Amongst Young Adults

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