Journal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education

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This research examined women’s and gender centers at land-grant universities classified as Carnegie R1 institutions in the United States that were also APLU and AAU member institutions. The purpose of the inquiry was to understand how descriptive information about commonalities and standard practices among existing women’s and gender centers at these types of higher education institutions could be compiled from publicly available information and analyzed for use towards establishing support for new centers. Sixteen data points were collected from a final sample consisting of 12 centers that met the research criteria. These women’s and gender centers provided programs, services, referrals, and resources for students, faculty, and staff. All but one of the centers included all genders, half addressed the inclusion of individuals from all races, ethnicities, and the majority engaged with other multi-cultural organizations. The centers were primarily managed by the divisions of Student Affairs, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. All of the centers were separate entities from the universities’ Title IX offices. Common practices maintained by the centers included having dedicated space on campus, providing annual reports, employing professional and student staff, and publicizing programming, resources,