Pediatrics Faculty, Staff, Student Scholarship


This collection holds the creative and scholarly works of the Department of Pediatrics' faculty, staff, and students. It includes scholarly content such as journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, etc. This is a shared department between the School of Medicine, Cleveland Clinic, MetroHealth System, and University Hospitals.


Submissions from 2020


Discovery of a Redox Thiol Switch: Implications for Cellular Energy Metabolism, Xing-Huang Gao, Jing Wu, Ilya Bederman, Zhaofeng Gao, Dawid Krokowski, Steven M. Chirieleison, Derek Abbott, Benlian Wang, Mark Cameron, Mark R. Chance, Belinda Willard, and Maria Hatzoglou

Submissions from 2018


Biomimetic Post-Capillary Venule Expansions for Leukocyte Adhesion Studies, Bryan L. Benson, Lucy Li, Jay T. Myers, R. Dixon Dorand, Umut A. Gurkan, and Alex Y. Huang