Journal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education


Rates of sexual violence on college campuses have not changed in six decades—cleaer evidence that it is time for new approaches to this pervasive problem. The McCluskey Center for Violence Prevention Research and Education is using a power-conscious framework to shape innovative research and educational efforts aimed at understanding, intervening in, and preventing sexual violence before it happens. The center’s work focuses on those who cause harm or have the potential to cause harm, an intentional effort to shift the narrative around sexual violence on college campuses. This approach informed the “You Might Be Causing Harm If . . .” poster campaign launched by the center in January 2023. The campaign presented eight behaviors identified by student staff as potentially harmful and common among their peers. Posters were linked to blog posts that explained in more detail why the behavior might be harmful and how to avoid it. Among the campaign’s goals: raising awareness and prompting conversations about harmful behavior. The campaign is simple by design and one that could be easily replicated on other college campuses.