Journal for Women and Gender Centers in Higher Education


In this article the author presents guidelines for practicing solidarity in university LGBTQIA+ centers based on lessons learned from intersex and trans people's stories of their lived experiences. Specifically, ze argues that intersex and trans stories challenge our assumptions regarding solidarity to reconsider the stories we tell ourselves and how we approach differences and commonalities. Based on these lessons, I present five guidelines for practicing solidarity in University LGTQIA+ centers. More specifically, I articulate these guidelines drawing on intersex and trans writers such as Emi Koyama, Emily Quinn, Sean Saifa Wall as well as the work of the Intersex Justice Project, the literature on LGBTQIA+ university students, and the author's experiences working in the leadership of the Oregon State University Pride Center and the PB Poorman Pride Center. These practices are rooted in storytelling, an honoring of both commonalities and differences, intersectionality, and reciprocity.