Physiology & Biophysics Faculty, Staff, Student Scholarship


This collection holds the creative and scholarly works of the Department of Physiology & Biophysics' faculty, staff, and students. It includes scholarly content such as journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, etc.


Submissions from 2023


Sickle Red Blood Cell-Derived Extracellular Vesicles Activate Endothelial Cells and Enhance Sickle Red Cell Adhesion Mediated by von Willebrand Factor, Ran An, Yuncheng Man, Kevin Cheng, Tianyi Zhang, Fang Wang, Erdem Kucukal, William J. Wulftange, Utku Goreke, Allison Bode, Lalitha V. Nayak, Jane A. Little, and Umut A. Gurkan

Submissions from 2018


Factor XII and Upar Upregulate Neutrophil Functions to Influence Wound Healing, Evi X. Stavrou, Chao Fang, Kara L. Bane, Erdem Kucukal, Agharnan Gandhi, Adina Brett-Morris, Michele M. Mumaw, Alona Merkulova, Cindy C. Reynolds, Omar Alhalabi, Lalitha Nayak, Wen-Mei Yu, Cheng-Kui Qu, Howard J. Meyerson, George R. Dubyak, Umut A. Gurkan, Marvin T. Nieman, Anirban Sen Gupta, and Alvin H. Schmaier