This collection holds the creative and scholarly works of the Department of Population & Quantitative Health Sciences' faculty, staff, and students. It includes scholarly content such as journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, etc.


Submissions from 2022


Seroprevalence of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus-2 (SARS-Cov-2) Among Healthcare Providers Prior to the Vaccine Era in an Integrated Midwestern Healthcare System, Elie A. Saade, Xiaochun Zhang, Jaime H. Noguez, Lisa M. Stempak, Daniel Tisch, Christine Schmotzer, and Robert A. Salata

Submissions from 2015


Degradation Science: Mesoscopic Evolution and Temporal Analytics of Photovoltaic Energy Materials, Roger H. French, Rudolf Podgornik, Timothy J. Peshek, Laura S. Bruckman, Yifan Xu, Nicholas R. Wheeler, Abdulkerim Gok, Yang Hu, Mohammad A. Hossain, Devin A. Gordon, Pei Zhao, Jiayang Sun, and Guo-Qiang Zhang

Submissions from 2013


Statistical and Domain Analytics Applied to PV Module Lifetime and Degradation Science, Laura S. Bruckman, Nicholas R. Wheeler, Junheng Ma, Jiayang Sun, and Roger H. French