Nursing Faculty, Staff, Student Scholarship


This collection holds the creative and scholarly works of the Frances Payne Bolton School of Nursing's faculty, staff, and students. It includes scholarly content such as journal articles, book chapters, conference papers, etc.


Submissions from 2023


Social Activity Restriction and Psychological Health Among Caregivers of Older Adults With and Without Dementia, Elliane Irani, Kylie Meyer, Scott Emory Moore, and Kedong Ding


Resilience as a Moderator of Role Overload and Sleep Disturbance Among Caregivers of Persons with Dementia, Elliane Irani, Fei Wang, Stephanie Griggs, and Ronald L. Hickman


Historic Redlining and Health Outcomes: A Systematic Review, Noa T. Kraus, Sarah Connor, Krista Shoda, Scott Emory Moore, and Elliane Irani